Tips for Cleaning Your Tires

You might think that cleaning your tires is purely for looks. However, if you don't remove brake dust from your tires, it could cause lasting damage.

What we call brake dust is a combination of adhesive and carbon fibers off the brakes mixed in with minute metal shavings off the rotors. Due to the friction from the wheels, this mixture is highly corrosive. Left to sit on your wheels and car, it can mar the finish.

To clean your tires, you need a high-quality cleanser. Painted and powder coated wheels need special cleansers that won't damage the surface. You also need good quality brushes, a softer one for the wheel and a stiffer one for the tire. Apply the cleanser as recommended, then use the brushes to loosen debris. Rinse each wheel and move on to the next. When your car needs expert attention, bring it by the service department here at Hyundai of Kirkland in Kirkland, WA.

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