What is a Blind Spot Monitoring System?

At Hyundai of Kirkland, our team tries to make certain that our Kirkland, WA consumers are informed about their vehicles, so they get the most out of their purchase. Many vehicles are equipped with active safety features that enhance protection. One of the most popular active safety features in the automotive industry is a blind spot monitor.

A blind spot monitor works by using sensors to detect vehicles that enter into a driver's blind spot zones. With most blind spot monitors, a visual and audible alert will notify the driver when a vehicle is detected in a blind spot. Many visual warnings are flashing alerts that appear on the side mirrors.

When offered as an available safety feature, a blind spot monitor is one of the best ways to enhance protection. According to the IIHS, a blind spot monitor can reduce the likelihood of lane-change collisions by 14 percent and injuries from lane-change collisions by 23 percent.

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