Car Wax: Putting the Fear of Water Into Your Ride

Our team at Hyundai of Kirkland thinks "hydrophobic" is a bizarre word to apply to a car, but it fits. Why? Car wax is hydrophobic, a word that refers to a fear of water but also implies something that repels water. Repelling water is one of the many benefits that car wax offers. Here are some others.

What is Car Wax?

Car wax is an organic or a synthetic hydrocarbon that's hard at room temp. Mixing it with oils or solvents makes it spreadable. All car waxes repel water and dust, but some even repel UV rays. As a result, your ride's factory paint job remains crisp, fresh and shiny, retaining its integrity over years of daily journeys through Kirkland, WA.

How & When to Apply

Apply car wax in lines or tight circles. Be sure to wax your entire car before buffing any wax off. As for frequency, it depends on the type of wax. Some say that organic waxes call for more frequent applications. Whether synthetic or organic, shoot for one to three times per year.

For more info, chat with our skilled, seasoned team members the next time you bring your car to our dealership for service.

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