Test Driving 101

It can be overwhelming when you're shopping for a vehicle, but if you make the most out of your test drives, it will help you find a vehicle that meets your budget and lifestyle. Our Hyundai of Kirkland team wants to help Kirkland, WA shoppers make an informed purchase, so read on for test driving tips that can help you choose your next vehicle.

If possible, try to schedule several test drives on the same day, which makes comparisons easier. It's required for you to show your license before a test drive, so make sure to have that with you. Before you take your test drive, inquire about features, fuel economy, and safety features.

Be sure to walk around the vehicle to ensure there isn't any exterior damage, and when you're driving the vehicle, pay close attention to how it rides. You should also pay attention to how easy it was to enter and exit the vehicle and if there's enough interior space for your needs.

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