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Evening Jim.  

This is Albert Penello - Rahul Sood put you and I in touch (I left you a message on Thursday) regarding getting a car at Hyundai Of Kirkland. We were deciding between a Sonata and a Camaro, and ended up getting the Sonata for my wife. I wanted to share my experience with you about how your team performed.  

I've purchased many, many cars - I love cars but buying them, I always feel like I have to put armor on for battle before I go to a dealership.  

I have to say, I've never had a dealer experience as good as this one, period. The experience buying my Wife's Sonata was so pleasant and smooth - I went back the next day and bought the Genesis R-Spec for myself.  

Ivan was our salesman. He was very low pressure and knowledgeable about the cars. When we first came into the lot he approached us - we were interested in the Sonata, but we told him we were still looking at some competitive cars - we just wanted to test drive, and weren't buying that day. No problem. He talked to us about the car, talked up the features, and took us on a test drive. Never once did we get the "what can I do to make you buy today" line or any pressure. When we left to look at another car, he gave us his card, shook our hand and asked us to come back and see him if we wanted to buy. I was already impressed.  

We decided on the Sonata after competitive test drives, and when we came back you did not have the exact car we wanted in stock. No problem - Ivan came back with several options and could have exactly what we wanted the next day.  

The next night we went to get the car, and while the paperwork process is always long, Ivan walked us through all the features on the car for my wife. Once the transaction was completed, he took us through the documentation, sign-on process and showed us service. He really made it feel like we were getting something cool.

Mario was our finance person, and again, we had a fantastic experience. First - my Wife and I want to give Mario special accolades; he has the best explanation for how a factory Warranty works I've ever seen. Explanation of coverage not only helps his sales pitch, but it frankly gives a very clear idea of what is covered. It's awesome - not only for him to sell but also as a buyer to understand what you get.  

His approach was very confident, but casual, and we never felt like we were pressured to do anything. He saved us a TON off our pre-approved bank rate, and even played with some different financing options for my wife. Because of the savings we ended up getting the warrantee and service coverage. Again, his explanation of what we were signing, what we were paying, how everything worked, and what our warrantee covered, etc. was thorough, straightforward and logical. Every question we had was answered in detail, clearly, and he never dodged tough questions (I wanted a lot of detail about the differences between the National and Hyundai Warrantees)  

I wish more dealers understood that an honest and straightforward explanation puts buyers at ease and ultimately builds trust. Its clear Mario and Ivan employ this philosophy.  

As I stated, we were so impressed with Ivan and Mario that I went back Saturday and bought myself the Genesis R-Spec. I actually went back the night prior, but since Mario was gone, I waited until Saturday when he was in. (An interesting side note - Mario and I were in line together a few months ago at Countryside Donuts. I noticed his Hyundai shirt and was asking him some questions. He gave me his card and I recognized him immediately - so that guy is selling even in line for Donuts!)

At any rate, the process for getting the Genesis was even faster and easier than the Sonata, and again I walked away feeling like I got a fantastic deal.  

My ONLY complaint about the entire process is unrelated to buying the car - the wait to have the car detailed was really, really long. Ivan took the Genesis over before Mario and I even started paperwork, and I still waited almost 45 minutes after that. The place was bustling on Saturday but it appeared you were short-staffed for the final clean up. My only slight criticism in otherwise great interactions.  

I'll certainly be giving your dealership great reviews online, and recommending to friends. I'm hopeful the Cars and servicing experiences hold up to the buying one.  

I wanted to thank you for putting a word in with your team (which I'm sure helped), and I wanted to make sure you had a chance to hear what great people you have representing your business.  

Thanks much  

Hi Jim, my son and I came in last night to look at your cars. We did end up finding one for him. He is super happy with his car. I just wanted to say everyone there treated us like royalty. We came in to purchase at 2500.00 car and your team treated us like we were buying at 50,000.00 car. I can't tell you how much we both appreciated the services we received. Erik and Jon make a great team. I cannot remember the name of the man in the credit department, but he made the whole payment process quick and easy. I can't say enough about the whole team.  

When me and my son walked out the door he said, "That was really quick and easy." Almost like, why do people complain about car dealerships? J I said, "They aren't all like that." J  

I truly trust your dealership and feel good about putting my (20 year old) baby behind the wheel of one of your cars.  

I spoke with my number one client this morning. In 2011 they are going to purchase a work truck. I told him about my experience with you guys last night. He said he would purchase his truck with you guys. I will keep in touch as he gets ready to purchase.  

Last thing, I have been out of the chamber for a year or so. So I am not sure how active you are still. But I was thinking if you are still a member maybe you could talk to Bill about putting an article in the newsletter title it something like "Safe Cars for Your Kids" or something. And do a little article about how you have inventory for 16-21 year olds. Not expensive, but safe. As a parent it's hard to trust a used car dealer on 99 or a privet "as is" sale with someone on craigslist. It might be a way to make a few extra bucks without a lot of effort. That just popped into my head on the way home. If you do that, I'd be happy to help. OR if you need any testimonials I would be happy to write one too.  

Again, thanks so much to you and your team! I will be in touch.  


Diana Gregory  
Diana Gregory

Let us take a moment and thank you for your service and great care in meeting our needs. We were ready to give up our search for a new car after dealing with so many dealerships that reminded us of snake oil salesmen but Hyundai Of Kirkland and specifically you Mr. Kim were professional, courteous, and (because of your massive inventory) had the exact car we wanted at a fair price. I was very pleased we were able to negotiate the deal via email without driving all the way to Kirkland from Puyallup. We were both very impressed upon arrival you directed us to our car which you had place a sign displaying it was sold to us. We enjoyed or time with Hyundai Of Kirkland and I can assure you we will be back for our next purchase.  

Be assured Mr. Kim we have already recommended Hyundai Of Kirkland and specifically you to a few of our friends since Saturday and I am sure when they are in the market they will contact you.  

Best Regards,  

John R. Knapp and Esther L. Godfrey

John R. Knapp and Esther L. Godfrey


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